Smells Like CAD Mothballs

For whatever reason, it seems to me that the writer(s) for the long-toothed upFront.eZine has an unfortunate personal problem with Second Life and the activities of 3D application companies like UGS who are trying to leverage it. This is something I actually noticed with a WorldCAD Access blog entry (Link) a couple of weeks back regarding UGS’s efforts inside what was described as a “sexually-loaded” Second Life (the blog is part of upFront.eZine’s web presence). Based on what I read today, objectivity remains an issue.

Thing is, is it really so surprising that both AutoDesk and UGS have a presence in a 3D virtual space that allows people to model 3D objects (parametrically, no less)? Not to me. And not when I consider that some CAD applications already have built-in web browsers . I assume those weren’t added for the sake of allowing perverse CAD people to more easily (and secretively) switch between their CAD application and their favorite porn site.

Did upFront.eZine warn readers that integrated browsing would expose CAD operators to (more) porn when they were first announced? If not, why not? After all, if Second Life is “sexually-loaded”, then the World Wide Web is arguably filled to the brim.

If upFront.eZine did, in fact, warn readers that integrated browsers were bad for the ongoing evolution of 3D applications, I’d very much like to read those warnings and be informed in what ways any dire predictions might have manifested themselves; lack of productivity, rising divorce rates, whatever.

If, however, browser integration didn’t get the same sarcastic treatment, then the only conclusion I’m coming to is that upFront.eZine has some kind of editorial bias. And a lack of objectivity is, afaic, most often detrimental to the readers themselves because it means questionable information is being provided and potentially bad decisions may be made as a result. Not good.

In any case, today I see that upFront.eZine is (once again) playing the “omigod nekkid cartoon avatar in stoopid Second Life” card in what I consider a pretty worthless newsletter item sarcastically titled, ‘Our Second Life Island is Hip’ (Link). Is it possible the author just doesn’t grok what’s going on with these corporations? that what they’re interested in goes well beyond “signaling their hipness”? Can anyone follow this technology and not understand why they’re actually interested in the huge potential – however likely – in a… think about this for a sec… 3D internet? I don’t see how. (Here’s a hint for people not at all involved in the world of 3D applications: these companies sell 3D software)

7 thoughts on “Smells Like CAD Mothballs

  1. I read the linked article, and found it interesting that this guy would call it “scary” that “anyone can have an island in Second Life.” Do you also have to have a license or something to post an e-Zine where he comes from?

  2. Y’know, between the uninformed naysayers and the opportunistic glommers (people talking about something with which they have effectively no experience; e.g. Shirky, Nussbaum, etc), I’m finding less and less worth reading on the net. Consequently I’ve decided to prune my blogroll and focus on sites that have something constructive to say that’s said with some measure of authority or goodwill. The rest are a drain and don’t deserve my attention. And most importantly, I don’t like seeing my own posts about them.

  3. Critics have their place. But I agree that there’s not much value to commentary from folks who are unfamiliar with the thing they are criticizing. Sometimes I do find ignorant criticism pretty darn humorous, but I am laughing at it, not with it . . . when I can overlook the cycle whereby the next lazy blogger is going to believe it and repeat it on his own blog. It’s hard not to make some snarky comments . . . one could wear out one’s backspace key trying to respond to such bunkum. And as for the naysayers . . . some folks can’t recognize steam engine time even when it’s coming at them full-bore with flags flying and Mark Twain waving at them from the pilot house.

  4. Somebody is obviously pretty insecure about this whole thing taking over their comfy existence, complete with all-expenses paid junkets conferences courtesy of Dassault.

  5. Welcome back, Howard. fwiw, I’ve stopped consuming upFront.eZine/WorldCAD’s myopic content, but thank you for that enlightening comment. And here’s a link to Virtual Magic Kingdom (based on your comment, I figure you’ll want to go sign up).

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