MS Pushing Surface Computing {*Update*}

Just watched a neat video over on C|Net (Link) that seems to be the latest from Microsoft’s “surface computing” people. This isn’t the same stuff I mentioned in March (reLink).

This variation is less about mixing realities in crazy ways and more about a clean, workable interface with obvious practical applications (e.g. an interactive menu system and more for restaurants).

Among other things, at first glance the demo seems to combine elements of the BumpTop (Link) interface {maybe not; can’t tell for sure}, the “Multi-Touch” user interface system (demonstrated by Jefferson Han at TED – Link), and a variation of RFID tech called “domino tagging” which links the screen surface to 3D objects.


{Update: Open the Future has a post worth reading (Link). Included in the entry is a link to Microsoft’s dedicated “surface computing” website (Link) which includes more videos, and a link to a Popular Mechanix review. If I find more links worth mentioning, I’ll just tack them on here.

PC World – “Microsoft Debuts ‘Minority Report’-Like Surface Computer” (Link)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – “Microsoft Surface brings computing to the table” (Link)

ZDNet – “Microsoft unveils ‘Milan’ surface computer” (Link)

Gizmodo – “Microsoft Surface Confirmed: Touch-Sensitive, $10k, Minority Report Table ” (Link)


5 thoughts on “MS Pushing Surface Computing {*Update*}

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  2. Have you seen the videos from March? Those weren’t as polished but definitely further out.

  3. I caught wind of it in Jan this year and wrote this article: Link

    Is it the same one as you mention?

  4. Nope. Multi-touch isn’t, as I understand it, “surface computing”. Go to my March post and follow the link to the video. You’ll see something different; it’s a mix of real and virtual that’s more extreme than in the current MS announcement (though it’s still MS’s research).

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