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Hard not to enjoy steampunk design. As a kid growing up in the 70’s, reading Jules Verne and constructing homemade rockets from found objects and scavenged gunpowder (something that would probably now attract the attention of Homeland Security), I’ve a special affection for the stuff and enjoyed looking at the gallery of images posted on Wired (Link). Wanting more images I did what anyone would do: searched Flickr (Link) and Google Images (Link). Great design inspiration but I wonder: what’s next? Thoughts?

{Image Copyright © 2007 CondéNet, Inc. ; photo credit: Jake von Slatt}

3 thoughts on “Wired Steampunk Gallery

  1. The Wild wild west with will smith also comes to mind. That wonderfully absurd “hacking” of different objects together is so, for a lack of a better word “honest”, and its the source of much of my inspiration as a child to be a designer!

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  3. Everytime I see a skateboard today I’m reminded of how me and my friends skateboarded years ago: we cut 2 x 4’s to length and hammered metal skates to one side. Literally: skates and a board. And to “grab” the board you’d go barefoot, which meant splinters and no shock absorbing soft ride (metal wheels translate every bump to your legs).

    I wouldn’t trade that childhood experience for the most technologically sophisticated modern skateboard.

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