4 thoughts on “Blade Runner: The Final Cut

  1. No really, you need to say more.. because the original cinematic release, the narrated version.. the noir version.. is where the love lies.. so Mr ‘Nuff Said.. what r u saying, apart from ‘have you read the book?’

  2. My interest here – on this blog – is from an Industrial Designer’s perspective. And Syd Mead, the man responsible for much of the design in this film, is one of the big boys in the Industrial Design field. Consequently, an anniversary edition DVD release can be expected to contain a lot of material besides the original flick.

    If you want to learn more, feel free to look elsewhere. (And yes, the details you’re asking about are online)

  3. Bummer. Never quite sure when to link to a commercial posted on YouTube since some are put up by the companies. Apparently this one wasn’t. If/when a legit one goes up, I’ll repost.

    In the meantime for additional information as mentioned above: BinaryBonsai .

    For some screencaps: film ick

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