Virtual Meetings with some Meat

I caught an interesting article over on the Technology Review site yesterday to which I wanted to call attention. From “Unreal Meetings” (Link):

Harry designs virtual spaces that don’t look like the familiar world–his virtual meeting room looks more like a football field than like a conference room. He says his goal is to stop mimicking the physical world and start creating a new kind of space. “It’s not clear to me yet that [virtual worlds] are actually useful,” Harry says. They will be useful, in his view, if they can take advantage of not being physical.

The question of why so many users mimic meatspace has been previously addressed (reLink), so that topic isn’t new. What’s rare are people like Harry who are working on different approaches to utilizing these unreal spaces. It’s great to read about these kinds of efforts.

Also, be sure to check out the accompanying slideshow (Link).

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