A Thirst for Weapons Simulators

From CNN’s article, “The masters of (virtual) destruction” (Link):

This is no videogame. The modified AK-47 sounds and kicks just like the one I fired 16 years ago on a press junket with India’s Eastern Air Command. But unlike on that occasion, when nobody explained why I missed my target — a bottle of local cola called Thums Up — the Zen simulator is both gun and instructor.
My second shot is way off target. A laser beam sent to the simulator’s computer displays the movement of my gun and the trajectory of my virtual bullet, showing me why I’m off the mark. Anticipating the unpleasant recoil, I have flinched and sent my bullet over the target.

When Zen’s founders lugged their new toy around the country, many prospective customers didn’t know what a simulator was. “Some people thought we meant ‘stimulator,'” Atluri says. “We felt like we were in the adult novelty business.”

If only.

For reference: The Kirkyan Weapon