Live In Your Demo World

arquakeWSaying someone was living in their own world used to be a metaphor. More and more it’s coming to mean something else. For some reason there’s been a resurgence of online discussion about Augmented Reality and the MIT Technology Review site has a new article on it. I don’t know about AR graveyards though. I was really hoping for something more along the lines of “ARQuake” (maybe a multiplayer version with tasers….).

This all goes hand-in-hand with the big tech news for the past few days: Demo. Yahoo News has a short article (probably temporary too [Edit: it was, so I removed the link]) on a few of the hyped technologies at the Demo conference that maybe makes this augmented reality stuff more relevant: Intellifit body scanning, Novint Falcon haptics, MDA 3D modeling. This is all sounding very cyberspace-y. But instead of re-reading Snow Crash, go rent Videodrome. Confusion may be the order of the day but long live the new flesh, eh?