q, Meet qDot

If you didn’t read the Wired articles I mentioned in an earlier post, this one may seem to come out of left field. The point of that post was mostly to show how technology seems to be driven by the *needs* of the extremes of human behavior. On the one hand you have the military developing swarming robotic/remote-controlled fighter aircraft (see this early post as well), and on the other hand you have the “pron” industry feeding technology into the public arena – whether it be vcr’s or webcam peepshows. And because they were both about telepresence technology, they were relevant to what I write here.

Now here’s a guy who’s integrating things with videogames (see related post here). From the Wired article:

His fascination with teledildonics — sex toys that lovers can control for one another over the internet, whether they’re in the same room, the same house, or 3,000 miles apart — grew out of his interest in video games.

Well, that does it. Videogames are most definitely eViL.

(p.s. I hope it’s not lost on you that this guy has hooked up a sex toy to a game called “Quake”)