Where’s Your Head At?

There’s an interesting bit of reality mixing over on the PlaceSite Project – a kind of mash-up of wi-fi networking, Google maps, and … zombies. No, not “Night of the Living Dead” garden variety zombies. These are the I’m-too-busy-talking- on-my-cell-to- notice-the-light- turned-green variety.

Now I’ve seen the term used to describe this particular effect before, but not so … officially. “The Zombie Effect”. Sounds catchy, if not original. I hope that label makes its way out into the public. That might make it easier to explain the kind of interaction one can have with/within a virtual environment or videogame to those who engage in neither activity. Right now they just stare at you with these blank eyes when you try to explain this stuff. Jaw hanging; mouth slightly open. You know. They look a little like … well, hell … a zombie.

My god. They’re everywhere.

(via B. Sterling blog)