Bite-Size Commerce

Just finished reading a couple pieces over on the newsletter about “Minipreneurs” and an older piece called “Customer-Made“. I’d seen the site before and read this article then as well, but thought I’d give the site another look. For some of us there isn’t much new, but for others it might be fresh or perhaps pitch the idea such that it finally sinks in assuming you didn’t grok it earlier. So I figure it’s worth posting something.

I have to say one thing though: the blue highlighting of words which I guess they make up – apparently so they can later claim the made them up – is really irritating. I expect an in-page Flash ad to pop up with Trendwatching cheerleaders sporting smiles that artificially sparkle like on teevee commercials. That site definitely feels superficial to me, and I don’t see any of these developments as superficial.