The New Trust

I just caught a blog entry over on Nussbaum’s blog about which struck a chord with some of the things I’ve had on my mind the past year or so. I’ll just post the comment (with links cleaned up) which I submitted to that blog:

Interesting. I’ll have to take a closer look at this and try to grok what this means. Over the {past} year or so, Reputation Systems (and reputation management) have been increasingly on my mind (example: this blog entry of mine regarding several aspects of it).

Furthermore, to me it’s another sign of convergence. On the one side we have RW-based attempts to manage virtual equity (reputation, “Attention”, whatever); on the other side we have VW-based attempts to bring RW legitimacy to bear on that same equity (example).

I have to thoroughly read what AttentionTrust is about; a first pass of their site isn’t fully registering with me (my synapses aren’t firing properly this morning; perhaps I need some coffee). It seems related to reputation… somehow. Nussbaum boils it down to “devices that will allow people to capture what is being recorded about them and how it is being used” and then managing that somehow. It’s the managing part I’m not getting yet, so I’ll go back to it later when I have more time to give it the attention it deserves (pun intended).