Under the Design Hood

Julien Debomy concept

There’s been plenty of news lately about car design; especially with the new emphasis on small cars. BusinessWeek is carrying stories on small cars in the pipeline, and on the new retro-Lutz-inspired GTO (I agree that it’s lacking the original spirit). Car Design News is running the same press as almost everyone else covering the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show which looks like a boring show to me. So instead of playing the same worn out record, I thought I’d just take a quick peek at CDN’s portfolio pages. Heck, the second one I look at has something more interesting than the stuff I see getting all the press.

The above image is a concept by transportation design student Julien Debomy. Way more fun than the stuff I’ve seen reported lately. I need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the trenches.

{Image Copyright © Julien Debomy}