Neuromarketing To The Rescue

With so much turmoil in the marketplace in recent years, brands have taken a beating. Things were so much easier when it required a ton of investment dollars to launch a product. Now people just have to come up with a decent idea, find a third world sweatshop to produce the thing inexpensively, offer it to consumers either through a shake-and-bake e-commerce website or through eBay, and ship via one of several worldwide delivery services. If you’re both savvy and lucky, you strike it rich (e.g. Fubu). Of course that’s the extreme example. More likely some small, low-overhead outfit will drop prices on their commodity product and force large, well-known and well-respected companies to follow suit (sometimes forced to do so by all-powerful retailers) resulting in lower-quality products which strain consumer brand loyalty.

With so much change about, what’s a well-heeled company to do? Well, seems the latest thing is contacting the local neuromarketing outfit and scanning a few brains. For an interesting – if somewhat dated – article on what that is and how it (supposedly) works, check out “There’s a Sucker Born in Every Medial Prefrontal Cortex” by collision detection blogger Clive Thompson.

{via O’Reilly Radar}