Virtual Nuke

I was there last night just prior to it hitting. Unable to log on to Second Life and watching as the forum posts tracking its progress sim by sim piled up in the Hotline. There was plenty of information posted on the attack; sufficient to make it apparent this was nothing all that specular… just a spawning script deliberately unleashed (this isn’t new, and even the Second Life programming Wiki discusses this sort of thing). Consequently, I wasn’t even going to post about it. Why give griefers the satisfaction? None the less, it does appear to be getting what I consider underserved attention (the kind a bawling child frequently demands).

So, why bother posting this entry now? Because if nothing else, this does point out that the chain is only as strong as the weakest (and most immature) link. So until real life consequences come with this behavior, we can expect it to continue. Let’s see if Linden Lab nips this kind of behavior in the bud once and for all; let’s see if they file real world charges and prosecute. Because so long as people write about these things, there will be children crying for attention.