Gulliver’s Mixed-up World

Just came across something on the “we make money not art” site that sounds interesting and relevant to what I typically blog, but their explanation and links left me confused. This concerns a mixed reality project called “Gulliver’s World”. It appears as if they did a selective cut and paste from the previous iteration’s (Gulliver’s Box, 2003) press page and missed including something from the updated stuff (Gulliver’s World, 2004) which is part of the World Summit Awards they reference. All this even though their “Gulliver’s Box” link goes to the “Gulliver’s World” site. (*phew*) That would also explain the “Gulliver’s Box” headline they posted. Does your head hurt yet? Well, just check out the links below since this is actually pretty cool:

From the ARS Electronica source to which they link:

“Gulliver’s World” is an upgraded version of “Gulliver’s Box,” an installation that has been one of the Ars Electronica Center’s most popular attractions. Create your own fantasy landscape, design aliens and monsters, and let your very own virtual world come alive.

From an AEC archive I surfed through:

The popular “Gulliver’s Box” installation has been enhanced and expanded to provide an even more amazing experience at the nexus of virtual and material reality.

From the World Summit Award site:

Gulliver’s World implements a unique and innovative exhibition model for interactive digital environments. It features a total of seven ‘experience stations’ whose intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for visitors to get into the swing of hands-on experimentation. This simplifies the learning process of creating a complex and individualised mixed-reality environment.

Thanks to “we make money not art” for posting something… even if it confused the hell out of me.

2 thoughts on “Gulliver’s Mixed-up World

  1. thanks for the “nasty” comments, i’ll update my post ;-) the thing is: i tried it last year, so what’s obvious for someone who has experienced the installation might be more confusing for someone who just reads it.

  2. Hey, that just means you need to be more careful. There’s an excellent chance most of your readers haven’t experienced the installation and will, as a consequence, get confused by the mistakes (as I did).

    After all, shouldn’t you be writing with them in mind? ;)

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