Videostream to 3D CAD to Second Life


Just wanted to post a follow-up to an earlier couple of entries on the “rocket launcher” (first mention of this is here along with a recent update on some additional effort). After shipping the 3D files off to another Second Life resident, programming whiz Jeffrey Gomez, I watched from inside the virtual world as he imported the object triangle-by-triangle using his import scripts. Although I’ve been aware of his scripts for some time, I’ve not used them, so watching the object slowly and methodically reconstitute itself inside SL was a treat (pic). It actually reminded me of the original (potential) destination for this file – a rapid prototyping machine, as this felt a little like that animation of the nanofactory concept I linked to some months back (find the animation for that here), except I was there inside the machine. For a better sense of scale, here’s a screencap of my avatar next to the final output (the new standard in BFG’s) and another image with me standing amongst the pieces. Cool stuff. Imagine all the possibilities.