Another Black Eye

By now those of you who regularly read this blog and who are industrial designers are probably aware I don’t have much patience for some of the stuff that masquerades as evidence Industrial Design is being taken seriously by the business community as a whole. So needless to say, all this talk about “Innovation” (capital “I”) wears thin with me; especially when it’s wrapped up in overblown headlines like “Boeing is back! Innovation lives in aerospace.” Right. Grafting 787 design solutions onto 747 aircraft (design circa 1966) tells us something about Boeing’s State of Innovation (you can read my comments over there).

Well, there’s more discussion about Innovation (again note the capital “I”) over on Design Observer and this time it’s pretty good. I think Michael Bierut’s “Innovation is the New Black” piece hits the nail on the head. In the meantime, just like in the early 90’s, I’m waiting for the design community to get another black eye. And I have a sense of from where this haymaker might be coming. Stay tuned.