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Interesting post over on Clickable Culture concerning the move of videogame EVE Online to offer ad space in it’s official magazine in exchange for virtual currency. As mentioned in the post, this isn’t entirely new. Second Life’s developer has been offering virtual currency for a number of resident services (or service attempts); Linden Lab typically states how much they’re willing to pay and then takes proposals/submissions. There’s been a fair amount of discussion on this kind of “work”, for obvious reasons. What’s most interesting to me however is this bit from the post:

A CCP employee noted on the EVE blog that “E-ON is the first magazine I’ve heard people raving about the adverts.”

Kind of goes with my earlier post on Massive’s possible inclusion of player-created ads within “The Matrix Online“. I’ve been involved in a good conversation over on the SL forums about in-world (virtual) advertising so this all dovetails nicely. Now I’m curious to see if virtual ad agencies come into their own.

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