Rethinking Virtual Gateways

And in this corner comes news from C|Net on a new start-up called Multiverse Network. It’s an interesting idea. From the article:

Multiverse’s founders think consumers should be able to switch easily between different virtual worlds. And they say their new game developers’ platform, called Multiverse, can make that happen, while giving small online game developers the ability to work on top of an existing network of games and software code.

Multiverse is a lot like the enterprise software developers’ kits used to build back-end systems at big corporations, but with an open-source twist that lets programmers share what they create.

Instead of defining business processes for things like accounting, the game platform provides developers with a physics engine; the basics of a virtual economy; art assets and much more that they can use in their own games. Once a developer has incorporated those elements and others into a new online game, Multiverse links the new title to its network of virtual worlds, all of which share a common entry point for users.

I only have one question though: can I get something I create out to an SLA machine?