Banking On The JEVN

I caught something last night on the Second Life forum but the first series of posts seemed very… insular; as if most people didn’t really care about the issue. While I didn’t quite understand that, I’m now finding that others are now jumping in. It’s an interesting development.

The title of the forum thread is “JEVN Exploit“. A JEVN is a virtual computer; meaning that it’s a server system based entirely or primarily (I’m not entirely sure which; it comes in a few flavors) inside the virtual world. People typically buy these virtual devices and use them in conjunction with their vending systems. In this way, they can update the JEVN server (which is placed in one central location) and all the vendors throughout the virtual world are automatically updated. It saves considerable time for those with many outlets for virtual sales.

However, the virtual server system has itself been hacked. Apparently someone discovered an exploit that allows people to access content and transfer it to their accounts. Of course this would be the virtual equivalent of theft. Now the person who discovered the exploit, sold that off so that others can steal content. Interesting and somewhat amusing (in a *shakes head* kinda way). I would never trust a virtual vending and inventory system created by someone who can’t be held accountable.

Consider this a combination of my posts on Reputation and this one on Rigging the Model (or re-Rigging it perhaps).