Singing Machinima’s Potential


I’ve been talking about this machinima music video, “I’m Still Seeing Breen” by Paul Marino, with friends for a little while now. To be honest, I’m not sure why it hasn’t gotten more press – it’s extremely well done. More importantly, it’s without doubt the best example of what the current crop of videogames, with their advanced graphics, can do.

When I was reading the Half-Life 2 forums last year (prior to the game’s release) the biggest thing that caught my attention was mention of Valve’s including an automatic lip-synch feature for modders and machinima folks. I’ve followed the machinima community since the late 90’s, prior to the establishment of the website, and the biggest drawback has always been the lack of facial expressions and lip-synch. Valve was going to change that. And they’ve done a fabulous job.

Now that “The French Democracy” (about which I blogged previously – Link) has caused a stir, it seems a good time to show people that there are additional tools already available to make compelling videos. Watch both “The French Democracy“(Link) and “I’m Still Seeing Breen” (Link) to get a taste of the potential for this medium.

{Image Copyright © 2005 Paul Marino}