Process on the Pulse


I really enjoy scanning the entries over on Vinyl Pulse because apart from the funky designs, there are some nice process tidbits… including the above image of a rapid-prototyped toy in development (Link). I asked more about the process in the comments of that entry, but a review of the Wheaty Wheat product development site answered the biggest question I had. From the site:

Our most exciting addition yet! Utilizing experienced 3D designers trained in Maya software, we are now able to offer in-house rapid prototyping services. From the model to 3D output, we are able to monitor the quality of your job from start to finish. Our rapid protoyping unit can produce small scale objects that hold incredible detail. It also has the capability to produce actual working parts (i.e. ball bearings that perform as they would in a final manufactured piece).

So basically they’re now modeling in Maya and kicking out files which they then send to the fabber. From there I assume they finish the part (sanding, primer, aso) and then go about the regular process of getting a rotomolded piece. With any luck, they’ll document this process. If they do, you can expect me to post more entries on it.

{Image source: Vinyl Pulse}