AdAge: Why CES 2006 Mattered

Hey everyone, welcome AdAge to the podcasting age. And for their first “Why It Matters” audio show they discuss the recent Consumer Electronics Show in which AdAge host Hoag Levins interviews… *drumroll please*… the editor of Advertising Age, Scott Donaton! You can find a link to the streaming media over on AdAge (Link – free registration required).

Okay, so maybe interviewing themselves is kinda hokey, but Donaton does make some excellent points. From the very beginning where he claims, “this year CES became the centerpiece of the convergence movement… we’re moving from a focus on what a technology is and how it works to what it enables you do to” to responding to questions covering a few different areas of interest, their inaugural piece gets a thumbs up from me (although I suspect he isn’t thinking much about the possibilities of virtual world content beyond “entertainment value”; but then again, plenty of designers don’t either). Anyway, it’s a short audio segment that’s worth listening to from a few different perspectives… because convergence does that sort of thing y’know.