Talking With the King

Interesting that both my previous post concerning cell phone technology (Link) and a rather longish comment of mine on Mashable referencing Stephen King (Link) should have something in common with a story now being run by ABC News called “Ads, Ads Everywhere” (Link). But it’s kinda cool because it’s nice to see he’s in the thick of things.

When I was posting that comment over on Mashable I originally started to include the fact that I emailed Mr. King with some ideas back in 2000, when he was experimenting with his online novel (see this Wired blurb on how that ended – Link). The “Stephen King VIP Club” the ABC article now mentions sounds very much like one of those ideas.

So now of course I’m wondering if the club will hold lotteries to have dinner with Mr. King at various cities during a book-signing tour; or auction off character identities in his books (by that I mean, winning readers have their names and perhaps some background information used to flesh out a character in a forthcoming novel – thus immortalizing them in literature). Who knows. But whether he ever read my email or not, it’s neat to think that maybe, just maybe he did and it got him thinking about other ways to deal with people pirating his work (assuming he wasn’t already dreaming up solutions, which he probably was).

Now before somebody rushes to puncture my balloon, let me live the dream a bit, okay?