Up Close and Getting Personal


Via dezain.net I ventured over to MoCo Loco to see some photo coverage of the IMM Cologne fair (here’s that Link). What (of course) caught my attention was the work put on display by the folks at Materialise; the above image in particular. Nice close-up showing the layering of the rp material.


But that’s not all folks! I decided to browse to MoCo Loco’s continuing coverage (Link) and read this little bit:

Says Gimena, “The guys from Freedom of Creation (FOC) had a very nice bag made using rapid prototyping… what’s new about it is that it’s plated in silver, so it feels like real metal.”

The above image is one of three showing Freedom of Creation’s silver-plated, rapid-prototyped handbags.

Damn. Metal-plated, rapid-prototyped product. It must cost a fortune to make those things.

Y’know, it’s hard not feeling jealous right now.

{Image source: MoCo Loco}