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Via WMMNA comes word of architect Andreas Angelidakis’s Neen World project and some of it’s offshoots; one of which sounds somewhat similar to my own effort (only I don’t have plans to construct a real life, hovering “protoSat” platform). From Regine’s entry (Link):

A fragment from Mai Ueda’s home in Neen World is translated into a simulated ruin, a 3D computer pattern whose missing pieces resemble pixels lost in the conversion. Inside the club, the fragmented pattern forms an animated grotto around the stage, its triangle pixels programmed with a disco-floor software.

I have to admit, the virtual pattern looks more interesting to me than the one on the building. Perhaps if the real version lit up…

The SUPERNEEN show is scheduled to open March 7, so keep on the lookout for more images. Who knows, maybe we’ll see nighttime photos with the pattern glowing. That’d be sweet.