Clickable vs Shanth On VW Marketing

Excellent post over on Clickable Culture detailing the issues in one new media PR/marketing firm’s outline for marketing/branding opportunities in virtual worlds. A must read for anyone considering taking their brand into an online environment (you might also want to see some of my posts on the dangers of moving a brand into a virtual world). From the entry (Link):

Shanth Interactive has posted a rather misguided report on branding in virtual worlds, obviously written by one or more authors with little or no first-hand experience with the locales discussed.

Hard for me to believe that co-founder Shital Mehta was invited to speak on the subject at the WITI – 2006 Conference: “Taking The Lead In The Digital Age: San Diego”. From what I’ve read so far I can’t help but picture the virtually blind leading a bunch of lemmings.

This can’t be good for Shanth’s reputation.