SLFuture Salon On 3D Extraction


Tonight was another Second Life Future Salon meeting inside the virtual world. Unlike the others, I was heavily involved in this presentation; a nice practice run for what I’d like to do and incentive to get some things accomplished more quickly. And while the small crowd, comprised of some interesting people (including Make’s Phillip Torrone), was appreciative of speaker Mike Frumin‘s presentation, it seemed awefully quiet to me. I’m not sure if it was the inclusion of streaming audio into an effectively mute world, or if people are still wrapping their heads around all this technology. Maybe a little of both.


You can read more about the virtual meeting in the announcements for it over on the SLFuture Salon blog (Link 1, Link 2) and you might want to keep an eye out for a recap as well. I’m fairly certain it will include a link to a podcast.


As for the images, the top image is the “fruminator” himself during his slideshow presentation. The middle image shows the venue; not packed but a fair crowd for a Thursday evening. And the lowest one is an overview of the venue on which I’d been working.

The “protoSat” isn’t entirely complete; there are things I wanted to evaluate during this event so that I could make changes in preparation for a genuine virtual world opening. So it was a good learning experience for me which I hope will be useful going forward. I have to admit though, I think the technical side will be a cakewalk compared to some of what I’m hoping to accomplish.

6 thoughts on “SLFuture Salon On 3D Extraction

  1. The protosat is looking good csven. I will definitely keep an eye out for a recap of the presentation. It looks like it was an interesting event.

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  3. Thanks, Joe. Unfortunately the sim crashed right at the end and I don’t think anyone saved a Chat log. However, as mentioned, there wasn’t much discussion. There were a few questions and those were answered via audio, so there will be documentation to some degree.

  4. Thanks for the link, Mike.

    It’s a real shame that SL doesn’t have voice chat. I really think there would have been much more discussion if there weren’t two distinct modes of communication. And with text chat we’re going to run into RMI issues.

  5. “It’s a real shame that SL doesn’t have voice chat. ”

    You should check out Gizmo Project. It’s a VOIP app that has conferencing capabilities. Skype is good too, but it only supports 5 users per conference call. I have tried them both and they both work very well.

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