I’d Shake Your Hand, But It’s Virtual *Update*

Having recently signed onto LinkedIn, the professional networking site, I have to admit that even though I should have probably thought of this, I didn’t:

I suppose Linden Lab is aware of Linkedin (many Lindens are listed there, for example) and/or of similar Social Networking sites.

I have already created a gmail account for my avatar, so creating a complete CV on LinkedIn would be pretty easy. Considering that SL has a thriving business community, I believe that LinkedIn (or a similar service) could be of some use for avatars too, helping to create a chain of trust for example.

Would LL consider getting in touch with LinkedIn to create a “group” for Avatars? Or even to add “Second Life” as a valid choice for profile nationality/country of residence?

I think it would be better for everybody if avatars are tagged in a standard, easy-to-recognize way, in order to minimize inconvenience for RL users of the service.

That comes courtesy of Pamar Bjornson, a virtual entity in Second Life. I just checked, and Pamar isn’t registered. Yet.


{Update: Considering previous mix-ups – example – I thought it might be worth having a second account and so I’ve gone ahead and created a LinkedIn account for my virtual identity. I’ve not linked it to my meatspace version for a variety of reasons. In the meantime, I guess we’ll see where this goes.}

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