There Is No “My” In Disney

From an article over on Ad Age (Link – free registration required):

Walt Disney Co. is expanding the availability of its hit shows via as part of its plans to create the “network of the future.” CEO Bob Iger detailed the soon-to-launch product called My ABC, which will provide consumers with the opportunity to download shows free of charge.

“There is so much greater consumption of media, the opportunity for advertisers are greater; look at what Google has managed to do,” Mr. Iger said. “Our job is to create the new networks and new direct commerce opportunities.”

“Network of the future”? I guess that would include coming up with creative ways to brand your product to distinguish it from all the other companies out there creating their version of the “future”. But it sure sounds like Disney has their finger on the pulse of innovation, doesn’t it? First up: preface everything they do with “My”.

Good thinking, guys.

2 thoughts on “There Is No “My” In Disney

  1. Speaking of ABC – they just refused to air KFC’s commercial with the “secret” coupon, saying it’s “subliminal”.

  2. Funny.

    btw, I was wondering if anyone caught the other meaning in the title? Considering Disney has a reputation for aggressively defending it’s intellectual property, the whole idea of “My” anything can take on a unique spin with them.

    I wonder how much “My” they’d be willing to give up? Enough to allow some of what I found last year (Link)? “MyErotic Mickey”. Notice that there is a “My” in Mickey.

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