“Geometric Branded Objects”

I’m not sure what that means exactly, but it’s in Gamecloud’s interview with Justin Townsend, CEO of in-game advertising company, IGA Worldwide. Here’s the relevant part of the comment from the Gamecloud article (Link):

We are already working on some major technological innovations, such as in snowboarding game Stoked Rider where we are dynamically interchanging geometric branded objects, …

This sounds quite a bit like something I suggested (reLink).

By the way, if I combine that earlier thought which uses “generic” models, associated UV maps and streaming, upgradeable skins to update content, with something I mentioned recently regarding intellectual property issues (specifically trademarking “appearance of shape” – reLink), we get something I’ve not heard about.

Imagine this: high-quality but generic models with associated UV maps that not only change their skin via streaming updates, but change their shape as well using any one of the new techniques being included in the new and next generation of videogames; from normalmaps to displacement maps.

I like that idea. Gee, wonder if that’s patentable?

via Brands In Games