The Decline of Corporate Influence

There’s a new report from technology and market research company Forrester Research that might finally get the attention of those corporations who haven’t made it into the 21st Century. From the report:

Individuals increasingly take cues from one another rather than from institutional sources like corporations, media outlets, religions, and political bodies. To thrive in an era of Social Computing, companies must abandon top-down management and communication tactics, weave communities into their products and services, use employees and partners as marketers, and become part of a living fabric of brand loyalists.

Pretty bold advice. I’m not sure how many corporate officers are prepared to relinquish direct control as suggested by the above quote, but this report will undoubtedly get a conversation going. If you want to follow the buzz, the best place to start is the Micro Persuasion blog (Link) where I found the above quote. If you’re also interested in niche products then you might want to get hopping … it already has four trackbacks.

via Futurelab