VFXWorld On Seamless 3D Integration

There’s a very nice article on VFXWorld discussing the portability (or current lack thereof) of 3D files. It’s great to see this finally generating some real discussion; I’ve been chomping at the bit for years. From the five-page article, “3D Convergence: Bridging Design and Marketing”, written by Karen Raugust (Link):

The gaming, film and television industries are starting to look at the possibility of using CAD or other digital data as a starting point for vfx and product placement. For example, CAD is sometimes being used to design and build movie sets; the same information can then be used as a starting point to build the virtual set for vfx. Similarly, architectural CAD data could be used to recreate a cityscape, with designers getting a head start by acquiring the files used for the design and construction of the buildings being portrayed.

Meanwhile, some gaming companies are starting to ask for CAD data to help them replicate the cars featured in racing games, which aim for a high degree of accuracy.

Well worth the read.