Job Op: Advertising Damage Control

Via this entry on the MIT’s Advertising Lab (Link) comes news of exactly what I warned about: user-created content that bites the hand feeding it raw materials.

Back in November I commented on BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting regarding Burger King’s viral video. That comment generated quite a bit of traffic and it forewarns of this sort of situation. From that earlier comment (Link):

How many seemingly well-meaning contributors will purposely include hidden racist messages, pornagraphic content, or other unwelcome surprises intended to tarnish a corporate image?

I’d suggest company officers tread lightly. Nothing would make some griefers happier than costing some “suit” his job and becoming an online celeb in the process.

Told ya so.

If you’re a content creator, this has to make you happy as it definitely shows that Free Content has its own price.

You can find more Tahoe videos via Daily Kos (Link).

{For those unfamiliar with embedded video, simply click on the above image and it should play.}