Entropia: First Mass-Produced Rapid Manufactured Object?


From the Designspotter blog (Link):

Entropia is manufactured in laser sintered nylon, SLS.

Entropia is produced and marketed by Kundalini of Milan, a company synonymous the avant garde. Kundalini are the first recognised manufacturer other than a Rapid Prototyping bureau to adopt this technique for volume manufacture. This represents a significant milestone for the design industry as Digital Manufacture becomes increasingly viable for niche to medium volume manufacture.

I’m curious what the cost is. Also curious how much post-processing is done on the SLS part; I’d venture next to none since a lighting product can leverage the texture the process leaves behind. Disadvantage becomes advantage.

The question is: What other products can mix everything this way – cost, (relatively-unfinished) process, durability, perception of value, aso? Not many at the moment. At least not many that come to my mind. I need to give this some more thought (although I’ve already given it plenty).

via MoCo Loco

{Image source: Designspotter.com}