Reputation Rebang In Progress

This was right in front of my eyes. I was looking at all the pieces.

– The development and convergence of real and virtual reputation systems (and the importance of each).
– The increasingly thin barrier between the real and the virtual in all other aspects.
– The global social implications of these technologies.
– Maybe even a potential “missing link” in the development of an artificial intelligence*.
– And more…

But I didn’t put them together the way Dave Chiu and Didier Hillhorst assembled them (read about them and their project over on We Make Money Not Art – Link). Or see until now how executing it in the way Jane Siberry is doing (reminder courtesy of an entry on Boing Boing – Link) fits into the mix.

Wow. A big section of the puzzle was just completed. This is going to be very helpful.

* I’ll get back to how this works with kirkyans later.

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