In SL, No One Can Hear You Argue

That is, of course, because Second Life has no built-in voice capability. Even so, it appears that Harvard is going to hold a class inside SL to teach just that. From “The Chronicle of Higher Education” (Link) – hit “Cancel” to get the snip:

Harvard University plans to hold its first class in a “virtual world” this fall, using a video-game-like environment called Second Life.

Charles Nesson, a renowned professor at Harvard Law School, is teaming up with his daughter, Rebecca Nesson, an instructor at Harvard Extension School, to offer a course on argument in cyberspace that is open to the public through the extension school.

I’m not sure that arguing in cyberspace is any different than arguing anywhere else, but it sounds like it could be fun. And with Linden Lab shutting down the SL Forums, this might give people a chance to brush up on their dissin’ skillz.

Without doubt, you need to check out the video. The Christopher Walken speech pattern is awesome.

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