Architectural Viz Using Half-Life 2

I often enjoy the Half-Life 2 content people make. And this one is no exception. The video above is a recreation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater Home” design. Having visited the structure, this looks like a pretty good rendition.

And people wonder why an industrial designer takes an interest in this stuff. Why settle for a model (Link) when you can have both?

For more of what the HL2 engine can do, you might want to check out a video to which I linked last year – Link. When I first saw it I was duly impressed.

via Wonderland

4 thoughts on “Architectural Viz Using Half-Life 2

  1. Sweet, I’ve been there too and this seems pretty close to what I remember.

    Guess I’ll have to jump in to one of these interactive 3D worlds soon and stop thinking about it as a waste of time.

  2. You really need to lose the bias. Remember: the technology going into games today is exponentially more powerful than the tech that went into major engineering programs just ten years ago. Don’t think of them as “games”. Think of them as CAD back in the early 1990’s.

  3. Hi, I’m the author of the map. In case it feels relevant, I’m not an industrial designer, but instead an architecture student with a passion for level design. I’ve never been to Fallingwater so I ask forgiveness if some parts of the map are not accurate (mainly the lack of vegetation)

    You can find this map and the rest of my levels here >>

  4. Didn’t figure you were, actually. It’s just too rare to find IDer’s doing any of this (and I have to wonder how many architects take this seriously; never see any concepts in game engines over on Archinect).

    I’ll definitely be taking a look at your other maps. Nice work.

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