A Virtual Anomaly

The Brands in Games blog is reporting (Link) that a NYC ad agency, Anomaly, beat the Leo Burnett prima donna’s into the Second Life virtual world. That’s icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned (you’ll recall my earlier admonition – reLink). Even better is that Anomaly didn’t broadband what they were doing, which suggests they have more humility than the clueless big boys (although from what I read on their website, the relatively new Anomaly is impressive in a number of ways).

This of course has me wondering if reBang is the first “Industrial Design” firm inside Second Life (for the record, here’s the Patagonia beachfront prior to breaking virtual ground – reLink)? I don’t know. It’s certainly possible someone tried, or is actively trying and I’m just unaware of their efforts. It’d be nice to hook up with them.

I’m also wondering how many people – if any – are working toward transreality products; truly tying virtual product to real product in ways that start to get us Things like kirkyans, stellayans, and triblyans (I had to come up with a word for a Thing that could replicate without limit on both sides of the tangibility barrier; this seemed like a natural fit. If this is already defined somewhere, I’m still looking for the word defining it so feel free to post a note; there must be a science fiction novel with this thing in it).