Gears Turning for Peer-to-Peer Worlds

The first time I glanced over the Meshverse Journal’s entry, “Gear Mesh: Power To The Peers” (Link), I wasn’t sufficiently focused to follow the significance of what was being said. I also didn’t follow the link to BetaNews, which does a nice job explaining something really interesting about Google’s new Google Gears offline application effort. The minute I read it, having a sense of what the Meshverse Journal typically discusses, I didn’t need any further explanation… though if asked I couldn’t now easily explain it. Here’s a snip from that blog entry:

The idea that a Google Gears standard could make cookies obsolete is a big deal too, but none of the above even begin to scratch the surface of what it will mean to have a standardized database server running on hundreds of millions of machines – that is key to answering the $64Billion Dollar Question about how the meshverse will grow to support tens of millions of simultaneously collaborating participants. Google Gears will eventually make a dramatic change in the economics of the web – probably in ways Google may not have really anticipated.

If you don’t “get it”, go read the whole thing – including the links. If you still don’t get it, read it again. If it doesn’t click, take a break, come back, and read it yet again. And if that still doesn’t help, well try reading it again…