AdSense Edges Towards Virtual Worlds

Via Mashable (Link) comes word of the entirely expected: Google is bringing AdSense – and then some – to Google Maps. The way they’re doing this, however, is interesting. It’s more than just text they’re offering. Mapplets, as they’re called, will likely carry much more since this feature allows developers to build their own applications within Google Maps.

As it comes hot on the heels of their recent pseudo-3D addition to Google Maps (reLink), all that’s left now is to wait for them to take this into Google Earth.

In my mind, any day now they’ll add the Mapplet feature to Google Earth, which by then will allow people to walk through as if it were a videogame. And when their avatars “walk” to a virtual theater they’ll see a video streaming from YouTube. Maybe even the whole movie, since in an “Experience” future, the whole point for a theater will be meatspace interaction (think of the audience participation stuff for a movie like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show“). The days of money-for-content will be mostly gone.

We’ll see.