Gibson To Ghost Second Life

Via Media Bistro comes word (Link) that cyberpunk author William Gibson intends to rez inside Second Life as part of a marketing effort to promote his latest book, Spook Country. From the Media Bistro post:

Over the next few weeks, reports Penguin Digital publisher Jeremy Ettlinghausen, Penguin is planning a range of William Gibson activities in Second Life: screening his “fine and strange movie” No Maps for These Territories; a competition to design an avatar for the man himself; giving away shipping containers packed with Gibson goodies and at the beginning of August, Gibson himself will be coming into Second Life to read from SPOOK COUNTRY and answer questions.

In addition to this news, I happened across an interview with Gibson earlier today (Link – may be overwhelmed as it got boing boing’d).

As a longtime Gibson fan, I have to admit I’m more interested in his SL appearance than in reading his latest book. I read Pattern Recognition recently and while I enjoyed it, nothing inspires me as much as his early short stories.

Shipping containers, huh?