Figureprints, Fabjectory and Toys

Here’s a quick note to call attention to something that might be of interest: Another avatar fabbing outfit has set up shop. Most of you are probably already aware of Fabjectory, the service that’s been “3D printing” Second Life avatars and objects for the last year or so. Well now there’s a service available for fabbing World of Warcraft game characters. The company is called Figureprints (Link) and from the artwork on their website it appears they’ve licensed the content from Blizzard (I was actually more interested in what Blizzard would do if Figureprints were offering the service without getting clearance. Guess I’ll have to wait.).

I don’t think a lot of gamers are aware of Fabjectory, but there’s a decent chance people will learn of both them and Figureprints after this hits the newswire. I can already see one of the characters in the webisode series, “The Guild” (Link), playing with one of these things (e.g. ZABOO ordering a Codex figure). Talk about publicity. And just in time (maybe) for Spore and (maybe) its custom character toy fabbing service.

Next up: a virtual Pleo that’s wirelessly connected to the robot toy.

Via CGTalk forum

{Quick update: Just happened across a YouTube video via the SeattlePi blog (Link) that explains how Figureprint is working with Blizzard, among other things.}

4 thoughts on “Figureprints, Fabjectory and Toys

  1. Thanks. Interesting little business they have. I’ll have to take some time to read through it.

  2. Oh my, looks like I may be a little late in this, as I have been planning to set up a site like fabidoo or fabjectory. I better get to work!

  3. As is the guy with links to this and some other blog entries here (My Idea Log). Someone might want to point him to the “kirkyan” post so he understands why I posted the “Next up” comment. I’m surprised he hasn’t found it considering the amount of time he’s spent here (/waves).

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