Admin Note: reThinking the Blog

For those of you with a feed the slowdown and general lack of entries here has probably not gone unnoticed. There’s a relatively simple answer for the reason I’ve not been posting more regularly: I don’t feel compelled to do so. Now here are the reasons for that:

  • 1) I’ve started “micro-blogging” quick snippets over on my public “reBang” Twitter account (Link) and that satisfies my urge to document.
  • 2) There’s more conversational exchange to be had on Twitter (my protected “csven” account – Link) than on this blog. It’s not synchronous, but people monitor their Twitter accounts.
  • 3) Personal projects are eating up my time.
  • 4) In light of the above, I’m reconsidering this blog’s purpose.
  • So if you don’t see many posts, now you know why.

    That said, I have a few entries started. Whether I post them or not, I don’t know. They deserve more time than I currently have to give. And they may not fit in with where I decide to take this blog.

    7 thoughts on “Admin Note: reThinking the Blog

    1. I didn’t know you had a “reBang” Twitter account. It is now being followed. I’m wondering if a lot of people aren’t in the same boat vis a vis ‘macro blogs’, myself included.

    2. It’s a recent account, unlike my other. I also just set up a pair of matching Tumblr accounts, but I’m unsure I’ll use them. I like Tumblr, but I’ll probably use it for something else.

    3. I highly recommend tumblr. I’ve got one set up at

      Its a companion website for thoughts, links and micro stuff that would “spam” my main blog.

      You could consider it the same, however posting original stuff is quicker with twitter, but tumblr is better for pulling links, quotes or other content posted else where.

      But tumblr can also pull twitter content into the blog so it should work out.

    4. I’d considered using Tumblr as you describe, but if I’m going to do more than grab the link and hit a thought, why not just write a blog entry? Tumblr starts to become more work than it seems worth; and I already have duel accounts to manage.

      Not saying it wouldn’t work out. Just hesitant to give it the time. It means two accounts to manage (and I already need to focus my reBang twitter more carefully).

    5. haha, yes if you do. I agree simplify is good.

      I also wonder if it is necessary, and why not consoldidating it all in the blog…

      The submit widget it the key I think, if wordpress had something like that then I might drop it. Right now I sort of see it as a hub.

      Its great all these tools we have eh?

    6. Well, the thing about Tumblr is that I don’t think twice about deleting Twits whereas I suspect I’d be trying to save Tumblr content… somewhere. With Twitter, the ones I want to keep I save separately (e.g. updates to the pre-Alpha post). Short 140-character text is easy. Longer posts with video or images or whatever are more difficult.

      So what I guess I’m saying is that I really *am* consolidating everything on/to my blog; everything I want. The “csven” Twitter account is duplicated or deleted. The “reBang” account mirrors my bookmarks (which will probably/eventually make their way to and either find their way into blog posts or are basically discarded to History.

      So I like Twitter as a temporary thought cache (I don’t do that with bookmarks, obviously) and/or quick conversations with others.

      And yeah, it’s nice to have all these tools, but sometimes choice can bring its own difficulties.

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