Next Generation Product Development Tools, Part 1

In a previous entry I called out the lack of predictions (and thus, by default, discussion) for the future of the Industrial Design profession. For what it’s worth, that entry was the most recent of a few that have been sitting idle in the cue. And this one… or rather what remains of it… was perhaps the oldest, going back to when I saw something pretty interesting inside Second Life some months back; prior to my post regarding the fashion industry (reLink).

The reason I held on to this post was because I kept coming up with new things to add. Those new things invariably either became additionally cued blog entries, were mentioned elsewhere in blog/forum comments, temporarily Twittered, or were left to memory. Not the most sensible solution.

However, gluing all those pieces together into something coherent and worth the time it’d take to read doesn’t make sense either, especially when the technological landscape – among other things – is so dynamic. I can only imagine how many posts here have been avoided because they attempted to cover too much ground and overwhelmed people. They’re too long. Not just for readers to digest, but for me to produce.

Consequently I’ve decided to start posting bite-sized pieces; hopefully in some logical order. Starting with this topic.

Augmented Reality Development

The above video has made the rounds and some of you will already be aware of it. But I’m not just posting it for those who’ve not seen it, I’m posting it as a starting point that’s also an endpoint. That endpoint being the kind of virtual collaboration that touches on almost every activity one can imagine, especially product development.

I’m not going to comment further because that video, courtesy of the Georgia Institute of Technology, speaks for itself. Enjoy.

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