Next Generation Product Development Tools – Not Part 23

Well, here it is, 2013. Kinda blew the schedule on this series.

There was a Part 23; published privately (note the date). And a Part 24 … and a Part 25.

Mixed in was also a piece intended for my Futurismic column, Future Imperfect. I thought I’d submitted it, but maybe not; I recall that one being a rush job.

They’re all now tucked away on my hard drive.

I may take a look at them; perhaps cull something worth posting.

Part 23 was ready to go, but now seems dated. The Future Imperfect piece was decent, but is probably past its expiration date. And Parts 24 and 25 were and still are a tangle of thoughts and links; too outdated and convoluted to extract something decent at this point.

So. What to do with this blog?

I’ve been giving that some thought. Can’t say I have that question answered, but I do have some ideas.

Now let’s see if I can find the time.