So I figured it was time to finally get my ass in gear and start posting again.

In truth, I’m finally getting back to this as a consequence of deciding to post a Q&A on this blog which I’d intended to post on my employer’s blog. That led me to not only updating my WordPress theme but also taking a look at my embarrassingly outdated web site. I still have a ton of work to do on the site but for now I think the blog is ready for some new content.

A lot has changed since I started this blog back in 2005, and since I effectively stopped posting to it in 2009. Perhaps the biggest change is that the main topics about which I write went from being relatively unknown to being somewhat common, at least to geekdom at large. And while I’ve been happily using Twitter to discuss these things, it no longer feels sufficient to me.

That said, I won’t be posting frequently. I simply don’t have the bandwidth. If I get two or three decent posts in a month, I’ll be impressed with myself. I am, however, hoping to use it for other things which don’t require too much time; like posting work-in-progress images, collections of Twitter comments, re-posts of old blog entries that seem more timely, images from conventions and tradeshows, and other items that may not seem relevant but are probably part of a relatively large narrative I’ve been trying to build for some years now. More on that later.

In any event, thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy the next post: an interview with an old friend and the Vice President of Design at American Standard, Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, about the 3D printed faucets they developed.