Spore Creation Just Another Procedure

Spore screenshot

Last night I caught a blurb over on Blue’s News that the website for Will Wright’s Spore is now up and running (and kinda cute). Above is one of the cool screenshots from the game… and there’s another one on a previous entry of mine here.

Today Wired online has an interview with the Creator himself in which he even mentions Eames’ Powers of Ten. From the interview:

User-created content has two extraordinary benefits. No. 1 is that when somebody makes a piece of content, they are so much more emotionally attached to it. It doesn’t even matter if it’s good or bad. If they made it, it’s really cool, and they’re totally interested in what happens to it. No. 2, players love trading and sharing and spreading this stuff around and having it come to them, and building up their worlds.

This may be the future of online content. Did he say “parametrically”?