InterMedia Dating

HL2 + real world

Last year, in anticipation of Doom3 and Half-Life 2 – and all their machinima potential – I posted a kind of “how-to” page for some indy filmmakers; showing them how a game character might be composited into a low-budget film. Well, it appears a group of Half-Life 2 fans are doing the deed (although their technique seems different) and the Deathfall website has an interview with the 17-year-old behind the project, Australian Nick Bertke. I’m not actually expecting it to be completed (HDRI is a relatively slow rendering process, all things considered), but I certainly hope and believe we’ll see something. Looks like the meet-up between traditional film and machinima is in the dating stage. Having watched some of the Playstation 3 gameplay footage, I’d venture there’s a marriage in their future.

(See also: G4 TV’s coverage – Link)