Redefining Brain Dump

File this one in the “too good to pass up” folder. Excerpted from a CNN article:

By 2020 Pearson also predicted the creation of a “virtual world” of immersive computer-generated environments in which we will spend increasing amounts of time, socializing and doing business.

He said: “When technology gives you a life-size 3D image and the links to your nervous system allow you to shake hands, it’s like being in the other person’s office. It’s impossible to believe that won’t be the normal way of communicating.”

That’s actually not what the CNN article is about. But it’s the part you’ll want if the other prediction bears fruit. Guess the next question is: Will this virtual world be another Eden or will it be a Deathmatch Level? Read “Brain downloads ‘possible by 2050’here.

Hmmmm. Maybe it’ll be more like the set of an Ed Wood flick?